Kindness begins on
your plate

NoDa’s first 100% Vegan Restaurant. All the way from South Africa, now in the USA! Delicious cruelty free vegan food, craft cocktails, local beer, South African wine and an amazing outdoor patio with a 100 year old oak tree.

We Cater for everyone who is vegan or trying to become more plant-based, health conscious or if you just curious to try a delicious cruelty free option where no beings are harmed.

We the owners of Oh My Soul are proudly South African and hail from the Motherland.

Otherwise known as the “Rainbow Nation” we belong to an extremely rich and vibrant cocktail of colourful cultures. Oh My Soul is an experience like no other. We bring you a “Taste of Africa”, a piece of our unique heritage, and the special quality of “Ubuntu”, the belief that we are all defined by our compassion and humanity towards others. Our beautiful land; home of Madiba, rugby, cricket, soccer, mountains, beaches, wildlife, safari and world class wine. There really is no other place more sacred, spiritual and magical than the beating heart of Mzansi, our South Africa.

“Wamukelekile ku – Oh My Soul” It’s a vibe!  

“I AM an African not because
I was born in Africa but because AFRICA was born in me”


Why we CREATED Oh My Soul

As humans we have the struggle to find out what our purpose on this earth is and to try and figure out what this crazy thing, called life is?

It is said to ask yourself one question. What, really breaks your heart? What touches you to your core?

ANIMAL CRUELTY is what shatters our souls, the exploitation and suffering that is inflicted onto millions of these trusting vulnerable souls. As huge animal lovers with heartfelt empathy, we are very sensitive to the suffering of every living creature and what they so very unfortunately, through no fault of their own, must endure. “We choose to live “Consciously”. We do this because there is no humane way to kill something that wants to live.

There is nothing humane about bringing an animal into the world only to profit off their death.

“Oh My Soul”?

Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul. In every living being, there is the desire for love.

Oh My Soul was born on COMPASSION (deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled, with the wish to relieve it), LOVE (a very strong feeling of affection towards someone) and EMPATHY (the ability to step into the lives of another), aiming to understand their feelings and perspectives and to use that understanding to guide our actions.

We believe the earth was made for all beings not just human beings, “my soul honours your soul”.

Our soul is the sacred essence within us: our deepest purpose, the guiding force behind our individual lives. All creatures are deserving of a life free from fear and pain. If they breathe, they live, if they live they feel. If they feel they love, if they love they are aware. If they are aware, they have a soul.



Being vegan is not a diet. It is not a religion, political party, elite group, club or cult.

It is a “conscious, responsible, ethical decision: to make every reasonable effort to live and enjoy life without harming, enslaving exploiting, depleting, contaminating and killing”. Making the choice to be kind, compassionate and loving to all living beings and the earth.

At Oh My Soul, our daily choices are a reflection of our deepest values, our compassion is reflected in our “cruelty free food”, culture, fun staff, positive energy, and our voices to speak for those Suffering Souls who need us the most, those who have no voices, those who have no choice. 

Oh My Soul stands tall and proud as a platform for “ALL  SOUL’S”.

is the
Oh My Soul way

Every month Oh My Soul chooses a different Animal Sanctuary for customers to round up their totals for.

We absolutely LOVE animals! 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊🐻🐼🐻‍❄️🐨🐯🦁🐮🐷🐸🐵🐔🐧🐦🐤

We also love helping animals and people who help animals! It is our essence, part of who we are and what we do. Each month we will be raising money for a sanctuary/refuge. The money will be raised through a roundup on your order, our marketplace items and merchandise as well as a special event or item that is sold with proceeds going to the non-profit.

Our chosen animal sanctuary/refuges for 2023:

JulyCarolina Wildlife Conservation Center (NC)
AugustSisu Refuge
SeptemberDaydream Sanctuary (GA)
October Critter Creek (FL)
NovemberHogs and Kisses (VA)
December Changing Hearts Farm (NC)

In 2021 we raised a total of $14,927.39 for all animal Sanctuaries combined.

Local is LEKKER

Local Small Businesses we support