We Stand With Ukraine 🇺🇦 🌻

Russia has attacked Ukraine, a peaceful, democratic, and free sovereign state. Thousands have been killed, injured, had homes destroyed, or been affected by this war in some way. A humanitarian crisis ensues with people hiding in shelters trying to survive and others fleeing their homes with their lives in a backpack. Also affected are defenseless animals…

For March we are choosing to support @uanimals.official in Ukraine who are helping save and support these poor creatures who suffer. They also help and support other animal sanctuaries and shelters in Ukraine.

Some words from @uanimals.official:

We continue to help animals in shelters and rehabilitation centers.

To date, besides the huge financial problem in shelters, here are a few more important pains:

  • Animals die from loud shell explosions, mostly about old animals
  • In many cities, stores and supplier bases are closing
  • In shelters, logistics and products can not always be brought
  • No power in several shelters, water problems

Please consider donating and rounding up for this important cause!

God Bless Ukraine along with all of its brave and courageous people and animals facing this unthinkable brutality and the horrors of war!

🌻 Available now and for the whole of March! Proceeds and roundups will go to UAnimals in Ukraine 🇺🇦

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